Resilience & Transformation strategies for ambitious professionals facing major challenges

I help you to go from mindfull to mindful. Let’s re-strategize to let go of stress, anxiety and sleep easy tonight without even trying. Short term commitment for Long term results. 
The conscious mind is ONLY the goal setter, as the unconscious mind is the goal getter.

What would it take you to truly thrive again? Re-strategize to gain clarity? Stay calm and mindful in crisis? Embrace your sleep? Let go of past hurts? Step out of your comfort-zone and start dating again? 



Anxiety · Sleep Deprivation · Life crisis ·Depression ·Chronic Stress · Troubles With Focus, Memory, Attention · Inner Barriers & Limiting Beliefs · Mental & Emotional Obstacles · Fears · “stuckness”


Performance · Clarity · Restful Sleep · Relaxation · Well-being · Growth · Purpose · Joy · Fulfilment · Abundance · Happiness · Love · Inner Resilience
Instant results, focused & discreet consultations


Discover the hidden parts of your unconscious mind that were holding you back to achieve the breakthrough you desire.


Understand the hidden primary drivers and dangers behind your ‘stuckness’.


Realign with your values and beliefs as you create healthy new boundaries.

Find out what’s possible for you with me
ildy is the best practitioner I could imagine. She intuitively knows when its time to push and when to go easy, when to give advice and when to listen, when it’s time to have fun and experiment with a new routine and when constant, perfect repetition is the only thing that will work to undo bad learned behaviours. I was constantly amazed at how I was never bored or frustrated going through my slow healing process with her as she enthusiastically encouraged me and generously shared her knowledge about stress free resilient lifestyle. Because she knows so much about how the human mind and body works, I unreservedly recommend her to you. ildy is your girl!

Fiona Terry

Director, Kio Kio

Solutions to fit your time, your lifestyle and your budget

One-On-One Strategy Building 

Online Strategy systems

Ildy is a competent and committed strategist with a wide knowledge of the holistic aspects of mindset & well-being.
She is innovative in the development of her strategies.
I would highly recommend working with her.

Dr the Honourable Richard Worth

Consul for Monaco in New Zealand

Are you in control of your life & emotions, or do you let your unfortunate circumstances controlling you?

What if you could create new radical change with ease in just 4-6 private consultations, building on what you already do?

I’m a result driven Resilience & Transformation Strategist, who is also a regular speaker on mindset and mindfulness at Princeton University and has a  with 14+ years well-being experience, using a unique combination of neuroscience and experiential therapy based Neuro Linguistic Programming mindset transformation, positive psychology, coaching, mindfulness, mindful workouts and lifestyle coaching, Ericksonian medical hypnosis and meditation as we build on what you already do. I work with individuals and corporations all around the world, helping them maximize their fulfilment, performance and results.

Dedicated to get you the result you want
“ildy. You. Are. Awesome. Appreciate your passion and enthusiasm.  You’re a vital part in why our program has been so successful.
ildy’s high quality of presentation was evident in a number of ways. First, almost everyone remained in the class. Second, as the presentation was coming to a close, the chat box lit up with rave reviews, extolling Ildy with praise and appreciation. Afterwards, I received unsolicited emails from a few our employees, echoing what was stated in the chat box. The same sentiments were expressed in a post-class survey that was sent to all who attended. A handful of examples that I received directly by email are: “This was great”; “I absolutely loved this session”; “This was really a great session”; “I want to thank you so much for this very inspiring session”; and “That was a great presentation”. Again, all of these were unsolicited comments.
Having been employed at the collegiate level as an administrator, an educator and a coach since 1983 – including the past 30+ years at Princeton University – it’s my professional opinion that Ildy is an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker who has complete mastery of her topic and I recommend her as a resource on health and wellness without reservation.
Please contact me if you require any additional information.  Thank you.

Matt Brzycki

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness
Your mindset is both the obstacle and the key to reaching your goals - the role it plays is up to you.

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