Find new levels of empowerment, creativity, and connection all while having fun!

Mindful IMtrance Dance™ & Inner Circle Speed Networking

for ambitious professionals

MIDis an exclusive neurohacking event for professionals with the opportunity to build deeper business connections and experience a naturally psychoactive cacao ceremony*. This will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced to boost focus, drive, mood in an entirely new, natural, mindful way that’s proven to build resilience & brain performance. Achieve a natural way, without drugs or alcohol!

This is where freedom & possibilities begin!

Unparalleled opportunity for networking & learning

An event that has an innovative twist of a highly effective connection building circle perfectly designed for busy professionals, business owners, executives & an exclusive opportunity to get into a freeing trance state through movement. 

Enhance what you already know in a radically new way

This allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level than ever before, produce breakthroughs while you’re letting go of stress and negative emotions through dancing, music, sound effects, naturally psychoactive cacao & delicious neuro science based brain hacking techniques…

all uniquely designed to activate you energetically & mentally!


Ignite your passion

A practice that was designed by ildiko Meixner (Resilience & Performance Strategist) & Jiri Hanus (Kambo & Trance Dance Facilitator) to help you to let go and enjoy yourself without feeling judged.

It’s not about learning choreography or following steps, but rather wearing blindfold which allows you to be free in your movement and focus on what is truly important.

Always busy, never enough time for myself, my wife, my kids, my health….I thought it was about time to do something to help re-programme the way I thought, the way I lived…to simply get more out of life.
Towards the end of 2018, Ildy took me on a journey to help me slow down and pause, to breath… appreciate and get more out of each day..and spend more time with those I love and that matter most. Often pushing me out of my comfort zone, it was challenging but very rewarding. From learning the art of mindfulness, to guided meditation to self-acceptance and setting new and achievable goals. It certainly gave me a new (better) perspective on a lot of things, equipping me with a tool kit to help pursue a new, more positive, way of living. Ildy is awesome – extremely personable and calming and clearly very passionate about what she does. Life is too short to live a life of stress and worry – I would highly recommend putting YOU first for once and let Ildy teach you some life skills that will not only help make you a better person, but to gain skills and tips to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Jon Doherty


Date: 24th November 2021 

Time: 6pm- 10pm

Dress code: Jungle at night (Please wear a fun costume that still allows you to move freely)

Location: Olympic Spirit Charter Boat Auckland – 72ft Catamaran, Pick – Up / Drop – Off: Z Pier Westhaven

Early Bird Price: $300 (expires 7th November)

Single Ticket $330

Tickets are limited to 50.

Ticket includes: light meal, 1x outer space mocktail, 1x lunar sparkling water, blindfold, opportunity to try cacao and other natural surprises to boost the mental & physical body, participation in a highly effective Inner Circle Speed Networking specifically designed for ambitious professionals and an unforgettable experience of the brain hacking MID™ session at an exclusive boat.

For more info email: or call ildy 022 3240591 and tap into an inner power source for energy. 

*Disclaimer: This is an Alcohol & Drug-Free Event. Get high on life, without drugs or alcohol! 

FULL REFUND will be issued if alert level doesn’t permit gathering.

Opportunity to try our Ceremonial cacao or ceremonial-grade cacao, as it is also known, is a very specific type of product. It’s a 100% pure cacao-bean paste that contains a much higher quantity of beneficial, health-restoring, and mood-elevating compounds than any other cacao-based product on the market (like cacao powder, non-ceremonial cacao paste, dark chocolate, etc).

Your mindset is both the obstacle and the key to reaching your goals - the role it plays is up to you.

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