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Outstanding master of her craft. Ildy is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve what they desire. She’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabes and is the standard by which any coach should be measured. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained confidence to enter Miss New Zealand. When I was consulting with her, she made me feel like Rocky Balboa, like I could achieve anything I put my mind to. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Ildy will lead you every step of the way.

Katrina Turner

Miss Supranational 2017, Entrepreneur
I have employed ildy as my coach in March 2010. I find her personal attention to detail, keeping the sessions entertaining, challenging and her utmost care of wellbeing are her key attributes.
I had a ‘feel good’ demeanour after each session. I can recommend her to anyone, young or older, you will find her fun and devoted to your improvement.

Aline Ryan

78 years old Retired Business Owner

Are you in control of your life & emotions, or do you let your unfortunate circumstances controlling you?

What if you could create new radical change with ease in just 4-6 private consultations, building on what you already do?

I’m a result driven Resilience & Transformation Strategist, who is also a regular speaker on mindset and mindfulness at Princeton University and has a  with 14+ years well-being experience, using a unique combination of neuroscience and experiential therapy based Neuro Linguistic Programming mindset transformation, positive psychology, coaching, mindfulness, mindful workouts and lifestyle coaching, Ericksonian medical hypnosis and meditation as we build on what you already do. I work with individuals and corporations all around the world, helping them maximize their fulfilment, performance and results.

I’ve worked with ildy for many years. Since I’ve traveled a lot with my work, her regular coaching sessions were important to keep my stress, sleeping habits and weight under control. She is always positive and creative with her strategies and kept me motivated. I always enjoy her style. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with her!

Michael Jeffs

Mac Sport Travel, USA
I started working with Ildy after a long period of inactivity and with a specific and ambitious goal of cycling some of the iconic French mountains within 6 months. It was madness really but Ildy was completely up to the challenge. Her holistic approach suited me perfectly – we worked really hard when it was right to do so, practised mindfulness, built personalised strategies and I’ve even learnt mindful movements when that better suited the physical space I was in. I enjoyed Ildy’s energy, benefitted from her well structured transformational sessions and commitment to the task. I have no doubt that without having Ildy in my training regime, my goal would never have been realisable.

Tracey J Walker

Ildy is a competent and committed strategist with a wide knowledge of the holistic aspects of mindset & well-being.
She is innovative in the development of her strategies.
I would highly recommend working with her.

Dr the Honourable Richard Worth

Consul for Monaco in New Zealand
It is hard to say enough good things about Ildy as a coach and as a person.

She is the best I ever had:

  • Extensive knowledge from a holistic perspective.
  • Endless repertoire and variation on the ways to achieve a stress-free life and balance
  • A great balance of empathy to read when you are up for a challenge or need a little nursing to get through if you feel really stressed or tired from lack of sleep
I absolutely endorse Ildy if you want to get the best coach you will ever have.

Greg Millar

Managing Director, Alliott NZ
Ildy has been my personal coach for the last 18 months or so. I have been impressed with the depth of her knowledge and scientific approach to overall mind and body maintenance. Ildy has provided me with various strategies working on particular areas that need attention from time to time. The exercises can be challenging at first but are always set within my capability, giving me a sense of achievement as I master them.
Ildy is always fun to work with and has a lovely personality which makes regular sessions a pleasant experience. I am more than happy to recommend her as a consultant and resilient living specialist which have been so beneficial to me.

Ken Whitney

Executive Director, Antipodes
I started seeing ildy in 2014. She is someone I always enjoy spending time with and being coached by also attending her presentations.
She is really knowledgeable when it comes to resilience and performance. She helped not only me but my daughter also to gain clarity in the future, reduce stress and build rewarding relationships.  
Highly recommended.

Vincent Hattie

Proprietor, Freight Services Ltd.
I’ve been consulting ildy now for close to a year.
Over that time I have seen a huge improvement in my well-being.
Ildy is interested in you as a whole person and transformed not only mindset but overall lifestyle.
She has a very easy manner and the ability to give clear and understandable instruction and she is someone who is extremely easy to get on with. I highly recommend lldy.

Paul Whittaker

Finance and Distribution Director, Random House Publishing
Always busy, never enough time for myself, my wife, my kids, my health….I thought it was about time to do something to help re-programme the way I thought, the way I lived…to simply get more out of life.
Towards the end of 2018, Ildy took me on a journey to help me slow down and pause, to breath… appreciate and get more out of each day..and spend more time with those I love and that matter most. Often pushing me out of my comfort zone, it was challenging but very rewarding. From learning the art of mindfulness, to guided meditation to self-acceptance and setting new and achievable goals. It certainly gave me a new (better) perspective on a lot of things, equipping me with a tool kit to help pursue a new, more positive, way of living. Ildy is awesome – extremely personable and calming and clearly very passionate about what she does. Life is too short to live a life of stress and worry – I would highly recommend putting YOU first for once and let Ildy teach you some life skills that will not only help make you a better person, but to gain skills and tips to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Jon Doherty

Business Owner, NZ-Japan
Ildy is an amazing coach who really cares about her clients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals. I first came across her at The Northern Club and am so pleased that I did. Several of my colleagues consult with ildy and can’t speak highly enough of her.

Daisy Williams

Barrister, NZ
Ildy has a very good understanding of how to design a strategy which matches my requirements and the strategies are always diverse, challenging and enjoyable. She is also very good at general well-being and has given me some life changing advice in this respect. Ildy is completely committed to her profession which is clearly her passion and accordingly her interest in her clients’ health and well-being is totally genuine. I would highly recommend her to you.

Matt Willes

Investment Partner, Craigs Investment Partners
I found Ildy to be very professional and caring in the sessions I had with her.
She relates well to your emotional needs – always giving me a new challenge.
She has a very good understanding of how to make improvement  whatever your particular need may be.

Olga D.

Property Investor, NZ
I have been seeing ildiko for two years. I particularly like her unique holistic approach which reflects in my improved overall well being. Ildy is disciplined and great company.

Grant Millar

Managing Director, Precision Construction
Just wanted to say thank you for the support you’ve given me on my journey to a changed self! It’s made an incredible difference to my life! 

Craig Pinker

CEO, Novelli
I met ildy first time in 2010. She is not only an excellent coach but we have created a personalised stress-management strategy that was easy to follow even with my busy schedule running my own company. She has helped me to improve my resilience, while my stress level reduced and sleep quality improved. Getting the control back of my mental well-being helped not only my relationship with my wife, but to play better golf and be more productive & focused at work as we’ve created lasting changes in my habits through her unique techniques. 10 years later she is still my coach.

Michael Simmonds

Business Owner, Machine Part Welding
I want to express immense gratitude for you and the 21 day challenge. It totally turned a page for me in my fitness journey, and helped me break through barriers I hadn’t since chronic fatigue.
Amazing turning point for me discovering my true athlete. Your challenge was incredibly empowering. Your content was approachable and achievable, you expressed an attitude of encouragement, non-judgement and compassion for our individual journeys, you reminded us that what we believe is what we can achieve, and you invited us to take consistent active agency over our mind and physique/bodies on a daily basis toward achieving results we desire. 
You’re brave, bold and beautiful, keep shining your light beautiful! You are one extraordinary woman.

Sarah Jaros

Psychologist & Business Owner
“I’m seeing ildy for a number of years. She really listens to my needs and tailors really great programs for me. Then I’ve got pregnant and she offered new programs to help me through my pregnancy. I loved the range of strategies ildy tailors for me. ildy is professional and you will get what you need with her coaching sessions. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. It’s a great value for money that you’ll ever invest in yourself.”

Sharmila Daya

“ildy. You. Are. Awesome. Appreciate your passion and enthusiasm.  You’re a vital part in why our program has been so successful.
ildy’s high quality of presentation was evident in a number of ways. First, almost everyone remained in the class. Second, as the presentation was coming to a close, the chat box lit up with rave reviews, extolling Ildy with praise and appreciation. Afterwards, I received unsolicited emails from a few our employees, echoing what was stated in the chat box. The same sentiments were expressed in a post-class survey that was sent to all who attended. A handful of examples that I received directly by email are: “This was great”; “I absolutely loved this session”; “This was really a great session”; “I want to thank you so much for this very inspiring session”; and “That was a great presentation”. Again, all of these were unsolicited comments.
Having been employed at the collegiate level as an administrator, an educator and a coach since 1983 – including the past 30+ years at Princeton University – it’s my professional opinion that Ildy is an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker who has complete mastery of her topic and I recommend her as a resource on health and wellness without reservation.
Please contact me if you require any additional information.  Thank you.

Matt Brzycki,

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness
Your mindset is both the obstacle and the key to reaching your goals - the role it plays is up to you.

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